About Us

My OwnZone Tv is an independent faith based outfit put together to showcase the creativity of talents across the the world who don't have access to main stream media. This came as result of noticing that most talented people in the kingdom have awesome materials but don't have a good media representation to showcase what they have because the main stream media focuses more on already established Musicians,Ministries and Content in general. We believe that everything big starts little so we have come up with this medium to give the unheard a chance to be heard and the unseen the chance to be seen through My OwnZone Tv.

Everyone has a message directed to a specific crowd, But if they don't have a means to share this message, It might be missing the opportunity to saving a life somewhere.

My OwnZone Tv is here to help create high quality broadcast materials for all mediums (Tv, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Phone and Tablets) and also to showcase on our show airing on various platforms every week.